Saturday, 18 July 2009

new job = awesome

So I have been in the new job for 4 (count em) weeks and larks a mercy, it's going frighteningly well. I have so far convinced them of the following:
  • I know what I am doing
  • I know what I am talking about
  • I am mostly sober
All in all a bit of a result!

The feckers made me pitch in my first week and do a presentation about online PR and search "stuff" in my second week at an industry exhibition, but according to our website, I "swam" despite being thrown in the deep end. They obviously haven't realised that the rictus spasm of fear on my face isn't actually a smile yet. Ah well - I'll start being evil quite soon and forcing my team to get in on time and they'll regret hiring me - but by then it will be too late as I will be over my probation period. mwha ha ha..!

It's a great company tho - we genuinely do some ace stuff - so regular readers who want some proper online PR - TAKE NOTE! and give us an opportunity to pitch for your business. I promise you won't regret it.

(honestly, as if I have regular readers...)

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