Saturday, 18 July 2009

British Military Punishment

I've thrown myself into the fray, dear reader and joined British Military Fitness with one of the girls from work.

I have to confess, the idea of being bossed about by a burly soldier in big boots and combat trews a couple of time a week was actually more compelling than the exercise part of the deal, but I thought that if I got thinner WHILE being a perv was a massive bonus.

Unfortunately, the soldiers are older and not as lush as I was anticipating (unsurprisingly, they don't look anything like all the blokes in Platoon) and they actually work you like a bitch.

Stella and I made the SCHOOL GIRL error of volunteering to go up a group from the pansy blues to the reds on Thursday and I swear to god I've snapped something that I didn't even know I had inside my tummy.

They literally make you drop down and give them 20 (press ups - fnarr) if you don't pay attention and on Thursday, we were all spotted standing with out hands on our hips after doing the assault course (going under the cargo net was my fav bit. although i wasn't very good at going in a straight line) trying to stop ourselves vomiting from exertion, so we were made to run to the next instructor with our hands on out hips shouting "i will not put my hands on my hips".

It's would actually be totally hilarious if I didn't want to die after every class.

I'll be a size 8 this time next year though.

Which will be a total result as currently my thighs are a size 8 each.

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