Saturday, 18 July 2009

freakishly healthy people at work

OK, so you know I'm chubby and eat and drink too much yeah? and I have no discernable "skills" other than being able to put my whole fist in my mouth and play music on my teeth...

Well the new job is really testing me in ways I never expected it would. Dear reader, they are ALL massive health freaks.

In my first few days I discovered the following:
They all want to do the new Brighton marathon "because Brighton has been lobbying for one for ages" - I'm sorry = WHAT?!? fuck me, at our old gaff in SE London the locals were lobbying for a new needle exchange centre, but we didn't all have to become bloody smack head to "support it"
About 70% of them have tried at least one extreme sport - the girl that sits opposite me wake boarded TO WORK the other day
Two of my bosses have done the Tough Guy race (google it, go on, I dare you, get behavioural targeted by an endurance race) 4 years in a row

It's all a bit stressful to be honest.

It's bad enough moving to a new city and a brand new job, to find out that you are a totally inadequate human being in you're first few days is a little more than I was banking on.

hmm, Bank...Bankers... chiiiiiiiiiiiiips...........


Must stop eating cheese on toast in my knickers and sleepy t-shirt and go for a run!


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