Saturday, 18 July 2009

Looking forward to seeing RB later

Calloo Callay, dear reader, I am seeing one of my bessy pals, RB later today.

She is one of the most impressive and professional people in the world. She pretty much redfines the word 'inspirational' in each job she has and if they could, I think her line managers would clone her and make an army of PR soldiers to take over the world (although secretly, you know PR people actually run the world anyway...).

She has also been my boss twice - and she is fucking hardcore.

However, what I particularly love about her is the fact that although she is super human and uber professional in the work place, not many people know that:
  • when she gets home late at night, she often puts lumps of cheese in the microwave to melt them before eating them
  • she has a season ticket to the Oval (is it called a season ticket in Cricket-land?) and when she goes to matches, she sits and watches it while listening to the commentary on headphones (loser)
  • she gets annoyed at her lovely husband because he doesn't like many vegetables
I am very much looking forward to seeing her and her mum (who also has bonkers hair) later and drinking too much red wine and probably falling over.


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