Saturday, 25 July 2009

broken neck

So I totally broke my neck last week.

Well, OK, seriously pulled the muscles in it. Eitherway it was incredibly painful. I'm not sure why or how I did it, but I did something odd to the muscles on the right shoulder blade, which tightened and shortened them, which in turn pulled the muscles on the left side until I was constantly pulling the one that runs down your head and over your shoulder that starts with S and has 6 syllables. That was the one that hurt. A lot.

Super Sam @ Body & Soul who sorted it put me through 45 mins of intensive full on agony on Tuesday night - but by Thursday night I could turn my head again and sleep without painkillers. Awesome. I then went back on Friday night (I know, the glamour) for stage two of magical neck recovery and now I can pretty much spin my head around like an owl and could go for a run this morning.

What was a bit worrying was my mum emailing me with a recipe for mixing non prescription painkillers to get the most effect cocktail of pain relief. Impressive, but slightly worrying - don't think you learn that from Women & Home.

Yes I know this post is minus in amusement value. But it dominated my week, so you're hearing about it anyway.

So there

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