Wednesday, 7 January 2009

so i still haven't had a drink yet!

hip hip horrah! I still haven't had a drink yet.

OK, yes I'm cheating again, it's actually only been about 2 minutes since my last post.  But I have loads of wine in the kitchen which is only about 5 feet away, so i think I'm beiong quite restrained when the bloody football is on (Man U lost to Derby. ha ha ha!).

Am making most of my dry month, by the way, by making loads of plans at the weekend.

This saturday I'm meeting a pal for lunch then going to a gallery afterwards.  Check my style.  Oh yes.  As I said on text while organising said date (of course one doesn't talk to friends inbetween meeting up, we communicate by self delusional 'quicker' and 'easier' means.  Indeed, trying to text a whole conversation and sending it in 15 messsages is loads easier than a 2 minute conversation)... am excited, this must be how real adults socialise.  

Am then on sunday, meeting another chum (I know, my cup runneth over with friends, huh? TWO in TWO DAYS?!?!) for a stroll around several east london markets.  Am steeling self to resist spend on cheap tat that i will never wear.  I will use my 2 cm thick hand sewn brown leather, stencil embossed, over shoulder bag purchased from another said east london market, as a spending shield.  Must remember CREDIT CRUNCH.

Yikes, watching news - Viyella is in administrations.  GOOD RIDDANCE - VILE SKIRTS.  

However, have you noticed how the star of the economics commentors on BBC News is in ascendance? Lummy.  If I was war correspondant who was shot to shit in Iraq and still can't stand without a zimmer frame, I would be quietly polishing up my CV and swotting up on Barack or something.  His day in the sun is O. Ver.

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