Tuesday, 20 January 2009

the reason we were in Brighton in the first place....

Was obv to house hunt (see first ever post - um only 4 posts ago...)

Well we found one and we love it.  2 bedrooms, over 4 floors (no need for a stairmaster - oh no dear reader - i have REAL STAIRS!), sea view, etc, etc.  Basically lushness wrapped in lushness.

We were super excited and celebrated the night we found it (see previous post) and then I went to work all smug, but also starting to get the fear re: the commute.  Showed girls at work and blow me down if one of work pals doesn't recognise the house from the pictures on the estate agent website!

Amazing and brilliant, but noticed she only started recognising the house when we got to pictures OF THE BOUDOIR.  Ha! one of my firneds has shagged in my bedroom and I'm not even living there yet.  That's how cutting edge we are.

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