Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I must tel you about our time share cat, Spider.

He's awesome.  Eight years old, with a titanium hip (now please say "we can rebuild him" in bionic man voice over way, thank you), a dodgy jaw and a toungue that doesn't go back in his mouth after eating and drinking so it looks like he's poking his tongue out at you half the time.  Very cuddly and squeaky. An all round excellent cat.

Sweetheart and I were going to adopt him from Sweetheart's sister as she had become super alergic over the past few months and wasn't enjoying having him around any more.  So he comes to visit.  I love him, Sweetheart loves him, but after 24 hours, Sweetheart's eyes start swelling up and going bloodshot and his snoring gets even louder and more sleep disruptive.  Yes, clever reader, Sweethart is also traumatically allergic.

Bum holes.

So we have Spider on a bit of a timeshare.  We have him for a little bit, Sweetheart's sister takes him home after we've spoilt him rotten, we have him for xmas, he goes home chubby and full of smoked salmon.

The cat is basicaly turning into some kind of ancient Chinese emperor god cat, given everything he wants because we all want him to love us the best and miss us when he's staying at the other household.

I imagine his demands to get more and more outrageous until Sweetheart and I are sleeping on the floor in the bedroom and he's asleep stretched out on the bed, mewling at us until we put the electric blanket on.

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