Friday, 30 January 2009

boiler issues


Crap day at work yesterday, so went for (soft - still not drinking, round of applause please) drink after work before gym.  missed trasin i wanted to get by about 3 minutes, so sacked of gym.  THANK THE LORD I DID, dear reader, for when i returned to the love nest, noticed the radiators weren't on, two minutes of peering into the boiler later revealed that my pilot light had gone out and the pressure had dropped to MINUS 1? WHAT? how is this possible? I have minus pressure? what does that mean? am I going to start being sucked into a vortex behind the boiler? is the reverse pressure going to start pulling my kitchen table and chairs towards the wall?

What quantum physic larks!

Anyhoo - have called british gas and the earliest they first claimed they could come was monday. MONDAY?!?!  So I'd have 4 days of no hot water and heating? if i was an old person, I'd be DEAD by Monday! 

Needless to say I kicked off on the telephone and they're coming today so working from home.  

The New Seekers are on BBC Breakfast.  I'm being sucked into a black hole behind my boiler while being serenaded by "I'd like the teach the wrold to sing" - I have clearely disappeared into a paralles universe.

Right, off to gym to use the showers.  Urgh.  Will go for run first to delay the development of foot rot from the changing room floors.

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