Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Good the Bad and the Ugly (2 of 3)

Oh, be still my heart! the BAD!

Snakes alive, where does one start?
This year has the potential to be an annus horribilis, if it wasn't such an amusing phrase to write. OK, I exaggerate for comic effect, but honestly, this year has been tough

At various points in 2011, we have faced:
  • Financial ruin after potentially defaulting on our mortgage due to some frankly, shonky, advice from a tired and inexperienced ING Direct call centre worker about the speed in which he could transfer large sums of money (not an experience I recommend repeating if you're fond of not vomiting from fear)
  • Total debilitating heartbreak after having to take our much longed and planned for dog back to the RSPCA after a change in circumstances made it impossible for us to give him the type of home he needed (I thought I was sad when the last hamster - Biscuit - died and we had to give the cat - Spider - away due to Tat's selfish sudden allergic reaction. Man alive, that didn't even touch the sides of how I felt having to give Fred back. Bursting into tears hearing dogs bark behind closed front doors is still now a regular occurance. Sheesh!)
  • Various deaths - most recently an ex boyfriend who took his own life (not actually processing that one yet...)
  • Redundancy scares
All in all, what I am calling through my glass half full eyes - a steep learning curve.

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