Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Behind the scenes of a TV makeover show...

OK, so we moved house earlier in the year and like all new home-owners are keen to put our own stamp on our new nest.

Tat was thinking maybe a new settee, maybe a jazzy colour on a feature wall... Oh no my friends, I've gone and done either a very silly thing or a very hilarious thing and have gone and got us qualified to appear on a new kitchen makeover TV show! Yippee!

Not one of those "makeovers in an hour, paint your sitting room black and furnish with white leather furniture" type shows, but one of those "have a proper budget, 2 week build, award winning kitchen designer" type shows.


The premise of the show is to solve "interiors problems" in the kitchen - so all the things that are shot about the kitchen get solved by an expert. So we're going to get a pretty awesome kitchen at the end of it (last filming and kitchen build in February), but do you want to know the best bit?


I think the production team couldn't believe their luck when I specifically asked to wear a camera on my head and walk around my house carrying liquid in full bowls on a particularly wobbly tray. Not only did I get to wear a camera on my head to illustrate why we "really need table space in the kitchen", we also had a play with teapot-cam, cupboard-cam and washing machine-cam (illustrating the broken floor and poorly fitted unit doors that all open when the washers on a spin cycle)!

fun, fun, fun! The slight downside is that Tat and I are actually going to be on the tele at some point in 2012, but I figure that if it's on a cable channel (gold-living-food-catchup-plus1 probably. In my excitement, I haven't ACTUALLY checked, which is a definate error. It might actually be on a good channel. Oops), then no one is going to see it, so we get an ace kitchen for a lot less than we would buy it off the shelf AND we get to have arsed about with a camera crew for a couple of days!

Off to practise wearing full make up and giant sunglasses and half heartedly running away from paparazzi with my hand over my face. AWESOME!

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