Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Good the Bad and the Ugly (1 of 3)

So the Ugly....

Well, in the past seven months, I suppose I've got to count the following:
  • My stress hives: BLOW ME DOWN IF I DIDN'T ONLY GO AND DEVELOP A NEW REACTION TO STRESS! There's smug little me, thinking I know it all about my physical reactions to stress - that I'm coping just fine with a little light eczema around the joints and a crooked back, when LO! The day we take Fred back to the RSPCA, I wake up with what can only be described as a medieval looking bumpy rash over 30% of my upper body! It took 2 weeks, a load of antihistamines and extensive research from KarlTat on google images (don't, honestly, if you've just eaten it won't help you), but I'm cured. Horrah! can't wait for that to come back....
  • My reaction to the fact that I was the only person who voted for a Pantomine fancy dress theme at our work xmas do this year. I didn't know I had such petulance in me! Secretly impressed with my own "toys out of pram" posturing and loud exclamations about soullessness and boringness. Absolutely the attitude and behaviour of a Board director during this turbulent economic time
  • Repeat appearances of my husband's long toenails (lets just call them "tree climbers" and be done with it)

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