Thursday, 25 March 2010

Run, Forest, Run

Well bugger me, if I didn't just go and run the Brighton Half Marathon a month ago!

I am most definately built for comfort not speed, so it was nothing but a sporting miracle that I managed to do the training, let alone get round the course on the day.

I'm a human, chubby, bi-ped and ginger version of 'wacky races'.

I have developed a perverse love of running tho. It's bizarrely cleansing. and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the waving!

There are a collection of moves I employ when I'm out and about:
  • The grim smile (dispatched when running up a steep hill at sympathetic runner coming back the other way)
  • The cheery smile (most popular runners greeting)
  • The simple hand raise (usually unleashed at runners of the opposite sex, so you can't be accused of trying to flirt with them by smiling when sweating)
  • The open mouthed smile and double eyebrow raise (employed at pairs of female runners older than yourself as greeting and physical exclamation of us hilariously "being too old for this!")
  • The double eyebrow raise and eyeball roll (used in foul weather conditions as if to communicate "gosh aren't we bonkers!" to other stupid idiots out in the pissing rain)
I have committed to three others to raise money for Haiti.

And if I hadn't discovered 'carb loading', I would have been expected to have been a size 8 by the wedding. But sadly, my greedy little monkey paws can't stop reaching into the bread bin.

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