Friday, 27 March 2009

my new 'personal trainer'...

.... well I say personal trainer.  i get three free sessions with Toby thrown in with my new gym membership.

So anyhoot - I've got my second session tomorrow and I'm only half looking forward to it.  Last time was an hilarious.  I've never done weights before and I was shown how to do all the arms ones, including dips and chin ups.  I was given a little sheet of my workout on it, but when I had to go an do my own circuit, I got all confused and flustered and forgot which section was which.  

Basically, I thought I had to do 150 chin ups at twice my bodyweight.  I got to 35, practically WEEPING.  My arms had turned to jelly and I had to be helped off the machine by a sneering muscle mary.  I sat on my own in a corner for a little while then wobbled into Toby's office trying not to look like a massive loser who couldn't event lift a tea cup without complaining.  

Turns out, I'm supposed to only do about 20, lifing my own body weight and now I've got to lay off the weights tomorrow incase I've ripped something (my right arm still hurts 7 days later).

What a DICK.

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