Monday, 16 March 2009

commute update

so it's the start of our second week of the regular commute and I'm starting to get the hang of it.  I definately want to start getting a delishus steamed soya milk (well i did live in london for 10 years) to drink on the way in, as getting up at 6am and not having breakfast until 9am is a mistake - my tummy has been growling at people on the train.

I have the following observations about my fellow south coast commuters:
  • they like their favourite seats - and don't like you sitting in them if you are new
  • the bigger and more exciting the breakfast pack up the better - last week I sat opposite a lady who had a thermos of coffee, a little plastic box with yoghurt, fruit and cereal in it and a thermos of porridge
  • yoofs with loud headphones are not tolerated - people OPENLY stare, yes, OPENLY - gadzooks, in London they just stab you...
  • Reading materials are quite similar - there's a lot of sci-fi
  • Everyone agrees that the service has got a lot worse since the timetable change in December - although i dont really understand that, surely the route and the trains are the same....?

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