Saturday, 2 May 2009

parents down for weekend

We had the first set of parents down last weekend. Mine. So a real baptism of fire. Happily we were all drunk for about 50% of it, but these were the moments of note:
  • Mum's barely concealed delight at spotting the naturist beach and an elderly penis on the walk to the Marina
  • Dad getting cross because he couldn't work the new mobile handset Tat had given to mum
  • Me and Dad getting sunburnt - the ginger force was strong in our house last weekend
  • Mum loudly talking about being able to see the sea when she was sitting on the toilet when the windows were open and the neighbours were outside
  • Mum nearly walking into a wall when she saw Chris Eubank
  • Mum getting cross when she found out we hadn't told her that David Walliams was having lunch in the same place as us (see mums reaction above for reason why we kept that one quiet)
  • Mum getting confused with the fact our bedroom is down stairs and repeatedly walking in the wrong direction to go to the kitchen
  • Dad getting cross when restaurants gave us bread at the beginning of the meal "I haven't asked for it, so I'm not paying for it"
Can't imagine how fun packed Christmas will be!

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